Web Designers and Their Love Affair with Coffee

Coffee is a drink made from brewing roasted coffee beans. The beans, itself, are the seeds of the berries from the Coffea plant. When the coffee beans are ripe, they are picked, processed, dried, and then roasted. Brewed coffee is slightly bitter and contains caffeine, which acts as a stimulant for most people. Because of its stimulating effects, coffee is often consumed in the morning to wake up, during working hours to stay awake, and while studying late-night to maintain concentration.

Web Designers, In Brief

“Web designers” is an umbrella term for those who work at producing, maintaining, or redesigning websites. Those that fall under this category are web graphic designers, interface designers, authors (coders), user experience designers and search engine optimizers. Often, web design is not accomplished by one person, but a team of people working together to put out the perfect website. Those in web design usually have a specific skill set that they have mastered like marketing and communication design, user experience and interactive design, page layout, typography, motion graphics, and coding.

Web Design Work

A web designer can work on any type of website, from one offering online shopping to an interactive informational site. Those who work in web design meet with clients, prepare design plans, decide on website details (text, colors and backgrounds), page layout (button, links and pictures positions), and multimedia options (sound, animation and video). Web designers also test and improve their design and site once the website is launched.

To perform these tasks, a web designer must have a good understanding of web programming and coding languages, a working knowledge of web design applications, strong creative skills, an ability to pay attention to details, creative problem-solving skills, logical approach to work, an ability to explain technical things in layman’s terms, be able to work with deadlines, and a willingness to further educate themselves with changes in web technology and software.

Most of web design work happens in front of the computer. With the exception of meeting with clients face-to-face, web designers spend most of their hours at their desk designing and problem-solving. Due to the long hours of sitting and staring at a screen, web designers tend to be exhausted after a day’s worth of work. Take into account that sometimes they have to work longer than eight hours to make deadlines, and you wonder how they maintain enough brain capacity to work efficiently and effectively.

And that’s when coffee comes to the rescue. Most web designers rely on coffee to get them through long coding sessions and extremely long working hours. Not only does coffee keep them alert, but it also increases concentration and memory skills so they can fix the bugs in the code and meet their clients’ deadlines. If you want to play a joke on a web designer, just take away his or her coffee and see what happens. Make sure you don’t hide that coffee from them for long though. Gollum might come out, and there might not be any turning back from there…

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