Role of Technology in Organizational Excellence

Technology and human resources are said to be business enhancers. Their performance helps in making a good company an even better one. We all know the role of technology in any business environment. They are used to help do the job much easily than the traditional methods. We also know about the role of HR in any organization. They are the ones who provide the right manpower, train them and monitor their performance as well. If we combine these two aspects of any business, then it is surely to help that business grow.

Online recruitments in one field that has to be done today in order to seek and attract the best talents in the industry. E-recruitments can be done through the company’s website or through the various job portals that are available. Some companies stick to the company’s websites whereas other companies prefer the job portals. The introduction of applicant tracking systems makes it easier for the HR to identify the right candidate.

Employees, with the use of information technology, take action on whatever that is to be done from their end. Be it updating the tax filing details or the insurance details, all these can be filled by the employees themselves. This is much better than the traditional way of doing things where the admin has to collect the details from individuals and then hand it over to HR who will compile the same.

Communication has become much easier. If the HR wants to contact an employee, he or she can simply browse through the employee details and contact them easily. In the same way, if the employee has some doubts or needs some clarifications, they can call the HR person and ask them or they can also raise a HR request which will be resolved within a stipulated amount of time.

Managing the knowledge base is also becoming very easy due to the adaptation of technology. The personal development achievements and goals for each employee are fed into the computer. So, with the click of a button, the HR can get the complete list of trainings attended by the employee and his or her knowledge areas. So knowledge management becomes a much easier task than it used to be before.

In addition to all these, the advent of technology in the field of HR has surely improved their operational efficiency by leaps and bounds. There are multiple fields in HR in which we are using the help of technology to improve the structures and processes.

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  1. It is right to say that we are all technology driven people. You can also add that the interview software’s that are available today have the capacity to even schedule interviews. It can also be programmed to show the candidate a preview of the company and what the job actually requires them to be doing.

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