How Computer Programmers Can Relax With A Good Massage Chair

There are a lot of stereotypes that surround computer programmers. From nerds in a basement to some of the richest and worldly individuals currently leading the tech revolution, it is easy to find competing narratives for these programmers, hackers, and coders. However, there is one thing that every coder has to deal with, a sedentary lifestyle.

Like it or not, working on computers all-day and coding requires sitting still for extended periods of time. While standing desks have become more popular, they are still rarely used when compared to sitting. While the act of sitting is not bad for you, doing for extended periods of time can leave you sore.

Now, the traditional way of solving this was to get up, move around, stretch, and take time from work. But, what if there was a way to get those benefits while remaining sitting? While not a perfect substitute, purchasing a massage chair can help you keep your back and upper legs in good shape even when you work for hours at a time. Lets take a moment to review how computer programmers can relax with a good massage chair.

The Problems With A Sedentary Lifestyle

Not moving around is a fact of life for a range of professions, including computer programmers. The truth is sedentary lifestyles increase the risk of colon and breast cancer. In addition, there is an correlation between type 2 diabetes and prolonged sitting, as seen in those whose job requires sitting for extended periods of time. In addition, there is bone and muscle loss from not moving, which increases the risk of serious injury and makes it more challenging to stay active and fit. Finally, it affects your immune system, reducing the chances that you will fight off infections.

Now, a massage chair can’t make up for not moving, however, it can help, lessen, and even remove some of these problems.

Keeping Your Body From Inactivity

A massage chair can help to keep your body active, reducing things like muscle and bone loss. The massage setting moves around your muscles, providing friction and ware/tare that helps your body strengthen. While how well these affects benefit you can be debatable, individuals who sit for prolonged periods of time find that they have an easier time getting up with less soreness after sitting in one place for a while. So, if you want less pain and fatigue when you stand and any possible pain is coming from your back, lower back, or upper thighs, then a massage chair may make programming a far easier task to recover from.

Providing Comfort

Like any other profession, computer programming can be stressful, anxiety provoking, and extremely challenging. Dealing so much with finding practical solutions and work-arounds that few other people can truly appreciate, having a massage chair can help you relax. Whether you turn it on when you start and let it run or turn it on when taking a break for a few minutes, you will appreciate having the respite.

More Affordable Compared To Alternatives

Consider the alternative costs to what a massage chair can provide. First, there is the direct cost of buying a massage session. While this may be less then a massage chair, a massage chair will last for years and quickly make back its cost if weekly, monthly, or even yearly massages are the alternative. Also, consider the possible medical bills associated with straining your back or lower back. While a massage chair can help reduce this, not having one can increase the chance and cost you more in the long run.

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