A Sneak Peek Into Emerging Technologies

Technology today plays a significant role in all our lives. Right from the pre-historic times of using stone tools to the now emerging internet era, technology has come a long way. There has been consistent innovation in the fields of technology and it is now referred to as emerging technologies. Emerging technologies that are very popular and up to date are Information technology, Cognitive sciences, Nanotechnology and Biotechnology.

Information Technology
Information technology is a very common word these days. It is the application of computers and other technology equipments to make use of the data available. The basic reason why IT was introduced was to ease out the work and to make computers do the repetitive jobs so that humans can concentrate on other important items. At the speed at which information technology is taking over the globe, one day it could be replacing a lot of humans in the workplace.

Cognitive Science
Cognitive Science is the study of minds. The cognitive revolution which includes psychology, philosophy, artificial intelligence, linguistics, anthropology and also neurosciences was first framed in the early 1930’s. Since cognitive science deals with the mind, it is also called as BCS i.e. Brain and Cognitive sciences.

Nanotechnology is the study of functional matter at a molecular scale. It is one of the technologies that has emerged recently. Nano, as a word means 10^-9 (10 to the power of -9). So nanotechnology rightly named so for the study of minute particles. In nanotechnology, all elements are studied in a nano scale and the observations are preserved. It has been found that some items tests performed in the nanoscale has yielded a very different data in some cases and also caused a lot of new discoveries.

Biotechnology is the application of Biology in other fields that use bio products. The various applications of Biotechnology include pharmacogenomics, genetic testing, cloning etc. in the medical field, crop yields, enhanced crop quality, animal biotechnology in agriculture field, and much more. Biotechnology has given us the opportunity to create pure crops in the organic agriculture field. It can even be right to say that biotechnology has helped enhance the agriculture fields to a new level of quality.

Emerging technologies have been ‘emerging’ quickly as the next phase of technology revolution. They are also in various other fields like transport, robotics, material sciences, energy, military etc. The upcoming emerging technologies include nanocharging solar (using solar power to boost photovoltaic output), personalized medical monitors (automated diagnostics), single-cell analysis, nanohealing (minute particles that will help in surgery), neuron control, treatment of viruses using enzyme structure, electronic contact lenses to monitor blood sugar, on-the-spot brain injury detection, use of biodegradable liners in bottles, etc. As more and more research goes into developing more emerging technologies, the world will definitely become more convenient and comfortable place to live in. Read also An Introduction To Instructional Technology At Schools


  1. One cannot forget the fact that traditional type of education is that made us what we are today. There are lots of good things about the use of technology in teaching children, but I feel that the traditional methods should not be left behind.

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